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Welcome to Homebrew Software!  Here you can download some great games and play the trial versions for hours of fun.

Mobile Games
We recently released Arrow Antics for the iPhone, iPad, and various Android devices including the Kindle Fire and Nook Color/Tablet.  For more information go here.

SDL Code Snippets
We have added some SDL related code snippets to help the SDL community.  More snippets will be added in the coming months.

Gateworld Info updated
Gateworld can now be purchased online.  NOTE: This is a D.O.S. product but it does run on most versions of windows.  Try the download version on your machine before buying the full version.

Download Gateworld today!

Arrow Antics updated
Arrow Antics for the PC has been updated to version 1.5.

A team of treasure hunters is lost in the Egyptian pyramids and need your help to escape. Direct them out of the tombs, avoiding the many mummies left behind to guard the treasures. Try Arrow Antics today to beat King Tut's traps, mazes & tricks and discover his secrets...

The full version features unique music, over 100 challenging puzzle mode levels giving hours of enjoyment and an easy to use level editor to design & share new levels, 30 action mode levels to unlock, more than one way to beat levels, and a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Download Arrow Antics today!

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